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NASTY MAN From the film "George White's Scandals" (1934) (Music: Ray Henderson / Lyrics: Jack Yellen & Irving Caesar) Alice Faye & Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1934 Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - 1934 The Dorsey Brothers' Orch. (vocal : Kay Weber) - 1934 Vincent Rose & His Orch. (vocal: Lynn Dori) - 1934 Al Mitchell's Orch. (vocal: Blanche Bow) - 1934 Hal Kemp's Club Carolina Orch. (vocal: Janis Deane) - 1934 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: Dorothy Carless) - 1934 Harry Roy & His Band (vocal: Harry Roy) - 1934 Also recorded by: Janet Klein; Frances Langford; Victor Young. As performed by ALICE FAYE and Chorus in the 1934 film "George White's Scandals": Scandals, they're everywhre They're in the air And who put 'em there You, you and you, you nasty man Scandal, you kiss and run To have your fun with another one Don't say it isn't so A gal like me ought to know Oh, you nasty man Taking your love on the easy plan Here and there and where you can Oh, you nasty man You're not fooling me I've got you figured from A to Z But you're darned good company Oh, you big bad man You, sweet and nasty I know what's on your mind You pull a fasty, make me sizzle And then you chisel Oh, you nasty man I never met anyone who can Be as bad or better than You, you nasty, who taught you that Oh, you nasty, don't never do that Oh, you nasty man (Instrumental Break) (Oh, baby, get hot You're with the Navy now We like 'em red hot Don't be slow, gal Come on, let's go, gal) (Hey, slow down, sailor, take your time What'd'ya want for a dime You nasty man) (Instrumental Break) (Shake them all Shake like you never been shaked before A good man won't ??? shaken for Oh, you nasty man) (What will it be, sir?) [Something to pep me up] (Try one of these, sir Here's some wine, sir Real genuine, sir) [Oh, is my face red Maybe this drink'll go to my head Or it may put me to bed] (Oh, you nasty man) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2017) ******************** As recorded by KAY WEBER with the Dorsey Brothers Orch: Look out, you'll hear me shout You'll get your due if you don't watch out Who? You know who That nasty man Look out you simple folk He'll get you sure with you simple jokes He'll win your confidence Then with his tricks he'll commence Oh that nasty man Tryin' to fool you each time that he can Playin' mean tricks, that's his plan Oh! That nasty man When he calls on you He calls his uncle in Timbuktu Leaves a nickel when he's through Oh! That nasty man When you're out walkin' He'll make you trip and fall And when you're talkin' He will cut in, he likes to butt in Oh that nasty man He used to show off his Palm Beach tan When it rained his colour ran Oh! That nasty man ******************* As recorded by HARRY ROY: I'm a nasty man, taking my love on the easy plan Here and there and where I can, I'm a nasty man You're not fooling me, I've got you figured from A to Z But I'm darned good company, oh I'm a big bad man I'm sweet and nasty, you know what's on my mind I'll pull a fasty, make a stew, then I chisel I'm a nasty man, I never met anyone who can Be as bad or better than me, I'm a nasty man (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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