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NEAR THE END David Gilmour And when you fell you're near the end Will you just turn it over and start again Is there a stirring in your heart As the time comes when we will have to part? And when you feel you're near the end And there's a stranger where once was a friend And you are left without a word Only the whispers that you've overheard Standing in silence, holding my breath Disconnected and dry And though I'm certain that there's nothing left To hold on to, to give or to try Some things never change, no don't ever change And I'm feeling the cold Thinking that we're getting older and wiser When we're just getting old And when you feel you're near the end And what once burned so bright is growing dim? And when you see what's been acheived Is there a feeling that you've been deceived? (Contributed by Fred - October 2002)


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