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NEED SOME LOVE Rush I'm runnin' here, I'm runnin' there, I'm lookin' for a girl. 'Cause there's nothin' I need, there's nothin' I want more In the whole wide world. Well, I need it quick and I need it now Before I start to fade away That's why I'm searchin', that's why I'm lookin' Each and ev'ry day. Chorus Ooh, I need some love. I said I need some love! Oo yes, I need some love. This feelin' I can't rise above. Oo, yeah yeah! Well I been hustlin' here, I been hustlin' there. I been searchin' for about a week. And I started feelin' this strange sensation. My knees are startin' gettin' weak. Well I need what keeps a young man alive; I'm sayin' I need it now. I'm gonna get the message across to you Some way, somehow. Chorus


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