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NE ME QUITTE PAS (Jacques Brel) Jacques Brel (Belgium) Also recorded by: Karrin Allyson; Natacha Atlas; Isabelle Aubret; Barbara; Frida Boccara; Miguel Bosé; Michiel Braam; Timna Brauer; Alain Brunet; Yuri Buenaventura; Caravelli; Jean Paul Celea; Richard Clayderman; George Davidson; Deishovida; Dyango; Faudel; Mario Frangoulis; Daniel Guichard; Johnny Hallyday; Jocelyne Jocya; Barb Jungr; Lisa Kirchner; Largo; Ute Lemper; Giorgio Li Calzi; Enrico Macias; Eileen Mager; Paul Mauriat; Liliane Montevecchi; Nana Mouskouri; Alison Moyet; Franck Pourcel; Georges Schmitt; Sandie Shaw; Nina Simone; Jean Stilwell; Sudden Infant; Jacky Terrasson; Toots Thielemans; Mari Trini; Ornella Vanoni; Velvet Sound Orch.; Anthony Ventura; Violet Indiana. Ne me quitte pas Il faut oublier Tout peut s'oublier Qui s'enfuit déjà Oublier le temps Des malentendus Et le temps perdu A savoir comment Oublier ces heures Qui tuaient parfois A coups de pourquoi Le coeur du bonheur Ne me quitte pas (4x) Moi je t'offrirai Des perles de pluie Venues de pays Où il ne pleut pas Je creuserai la terre Jusqu'après ma mort Pour couvrir ton corps D'or et de lumière Je ferai un domaine Où l'amour sera roi Où l'amour sera loi Où tu seras reine Ne me quitte pas (5x) Je t'inventerai Des mots insensés Que tu comprendras Je te parlerai De ces amants-là Qui ont vue deux fois Leurs coeurs s'embraser Je te raconterai L'histoire de ce roi Mort de n'avoir pas Pu te rencontrer Ne me quitte pas (4x) On a vu souvent Rejaillir le feu De l'ancien volcan Qu'on croyait trop vieux Il est paraît-il Des terres brûlées Donnant plus de blé Qu'un meilleur avril Et quand vient le soir Pour qu'un ciel flamboie Le rouge et le noir Ne s'épousent-ils pas Ne me quitte pas (5x) Je ne vais plus pleurer Je ne vais plus parler Je me cacherai là A te regarder Danser et sourire Et à t'écouter Chanter et puis rire Laisse-moi devenir L'ombre de ton ombre L'ombre de ta main L'ombre de ton chien Ne me quitte pas (4x) ***** IF YOU GO AWAY (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (Jacques Brel / Rod McKuen) Recorded by: Larry Alexander; Marc Almond; Shirley Bassey; Acker Bilk; Ray Bryant; Glen Campbell; Fay Claassen; Damita Jo; Neil Diamond; Barbara Dickson; Giovanni; Richard Hayman; Shirley Horn; Julio Iglesias; Hamish Imlach; Terry Jacks; Jack Jones; Tom Jones; Patricia Kaas; Sofia Laiti; Cyndi Lauper; Brenda Lee; Lee Lessack; Al Martino; Paul Mauriat; Rod McKuen; Helen Merrill; Ronnie Milsap; Mystic Moods Orch.; Oliver; Emile Pandolfi; Freda Payne; Ginette Reno; Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels; Tony Sandler; The Seekers; Frank Sinatra; Dusty Springfield; Emiliana Torrini; Jackie Trent; Regine Velasquez; Scott Walker; Wave In Head. If you go away on this summer day Then you might as well take the sun away All the birds that flew in the summer sky When our love was new and our hearts were high When the day was young, and the night was long And the moon stood still for the nightbird's song If you go away, if you go away, if you go away But if you stay, I'll make you a day Like no day has been or will be again We'll sail the sun, we'll ride on the rain We'll talk to the trees and worship the wind Then if you go, I'll understand Leave me just enough love to fill up my hand If you go away, if you go away, if you go away If you go away, as I know you will You must tell the world to stop turning 'til You return again, if you ever do For what good is love without loving you? Can I tell you now, as you turn to go I'll be dying slowly 'til the next hello? If you go away, if you go away, if you go away But if you stay, I'll make you a night Like no night has been or will be again I'll sail on your smile, I'll ride on your touch I'll talk to your eyes that I love so much But if you go, go! I won't cry Though the good is gone from the word goodbye If you go away, if you go away, if you go away If you go away, as I know you must There'll be nothing left in the world to trust Just an empty room, full of empty space Like the empty look I see on your face I'd have been the shadow of your shadow If I thought it might have kept me by your side ***** NON ANDARE VIA (Jacques Brel / Gino Paoli) Dalida (France) Also recorded by: Gino Paoli; Patty Pravo; Ornella Vanoni. Non andare via Puoi dimenticare Tutto quello che, se n'è andato già Tutti i malintesi, e tulti i perchè Che uccidevano, la felicità Puoi dimenticare, tutto il tempo che E passato già, non esiste più Non andare via, non andare via , non andare via Non andare via Io io ti offriro Perle di pioggia venute da dove non piove mai Apriro la terra giù fino nel fondo Per coprirti d'oro, d'oro e di luce E ti portero, dove non c'è più Che quel che tu vuoi, che quel che tu cerchi Non andare via, non andare via, non andare via Non andare via Non andare via Per te inventero Le parole pazze, che tu capirai E ti parlero, di due amanti che Per due volte già, hanno visto il fuoco Ti raccontero, la storia di un re, che mori perchè Non li vide mai Non andare via, non andare via, non andare via Nel vulcano spento, che credevi morto Molte volte il fuoco è rinato ancora Ed il fuoco brucia, tutto quanto intorno E non riconosce, niente e nessuno E quando c'è sera, e c'è il fuoco in cielo Il rosso ed il nero, non hanno un confine Non andare via, non andare via, non andare via Non andare via Non andare via Io non piango più, io non parlo più, mi nascondero E ti guardero, quando riderai e ti sentiro, quando canterai Saro solo l'ombra, della tua ombra Della tua mano, l'ombra del tuo cuore Non andare via, non andare via Non andare via. ***** Ne Me Quitte Pas Jacques Brel Momus Don't go away If you can't forgive Believe, just to live We must forget Forget the times We misunderstand Let them slip through your hand With the sand of time Forget those hours When 'perhapses' die At the hands of 'why' And our lack of faith Don't go away Don't go away Don't leave Me I'll offer you pearls Made out of the rain That falls in a world Where rain never falls I'll ransack the earth By day and by night To cover your body With gold and with light I'll make a domain Where love will be king Love will be everything You'll be the queen Don't go away Dont' go away Don't leave Don't go away I'll invent for you Words just meant for you And you'll know what's meant And I'll tell you the truth About how other lovers Looked into each other And how they were moved Then I'll read to you The story of kings Who lived without meeting you Died without knowing you Don't go away Dont' go away Don't leave And just when you think The volcano's expired The craters turn pink And the ash turns to fire In a charred barren land You can still be surprised Wheat suddenly stands Like a dream of July's When the sun sets In a brilliant sky The black and the red Never touch as they die Don't go away Dont' go away Don't leave Don't go away I won't cry anymore I won't talk anymore I'll crawl under the bed And I'll watch you from there As you smile and you dance And I'll listen to hear How you talk, and you laugh it's enough Being the shadow of your shadow The shadow of your hand The shadow of your man Don't go away Dont' go away Don't leave (Contributed by Fletcher-K - January 2011)


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