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NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Eddie Cochran CHORUS: I'm a-havin' a nervous breakdown A mental shakedown See my hands, how they shiver See my knees, how they quiver My whole body's in a jitter I'm a-havin' a nervous breakdown Well, I went to see my doctor just the other day & I've got to tell you what the man had to say Well, he said, "Hey, boy, you just gotta slow down You can't keep a-traipsin' all over town After givin' you a physical check I've come to the conclusion you're a total wreck" (chorus) I've made up my mind I'd better change my ways My shattered nerves have seen better days No more girls for a week or 2 No more runnin' 'round with the usual crew No more movies or stayin' out late My baby have to find herself another date (chorus)


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