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NESTLE IN YOUR DADDY'S ARMS (Lou Herscher / Joe Burke, 1921) Baby, daddy's mighty blue, Don't know what to do, So lonesome for a little love from you; Maybe you feel just as bad, Won't you make me glad; You know I need your sweet affection too; Just cuddle near me, So you can hear me, And listen while I say: Baby, you're my little pet, Since the day we met, You've been your daddy's little angel child Maybe you don't realize, How my poor heart cries, Because you very nearly drive me wild. I'm wild about you, Can't live without you, So listen to my plea: Come and nestle in your daddy's loving arms, On my shoulder let me hold your loving charms; When you go away for even just a day, Your daddy misses all your love and all your kisses; Show your pretty dimples, let me see you smile, Make your daddy happy all the while; Because you know I'm awf'ly lonesome When I'm by my ownsome, Come and nestle in your daddy's arms.


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