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NEVER LET HIM GO (D A Gates) as recorded by Maureen Evans with orchestra directed by Les Reed 1965 Everybody needs a someone, Waiting to be there when things are lookin' down, So if you feel it lonely, Go out, find your one and only, Somewhere out there, Someone will care for you, and then, Never let him go, Never let him go! You will wonder how you know love, When the moment comes that you've been a-dreamin' of; Well true love takes a little longer, Your heart beats a little stronger! You'll know it's real, Inside you'll feel you're home at last (home at last) And never let him go, Never let him go! Everybody thinks that love will come along; Just sit and wait, But then it's too late to seal, That's what happened to me! I remember tender moments, Drifting in his arms before he went away. So go fool, don't be left alonely, Someone's waiting if you're lonely! Open your heart, Give love a start and watch it grow, And never let him go, (never let him go) Never let him go, (never let him go) Never let him go, (never let him go) Never let him go, (never let him go)... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2019)


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