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NEVER NO MO' BLUES (E.W. McWilliams / Jimmie Rodgers) Jimmie Rodgers - 1928 Tommy Duncan - 1959 Hank Snow - 1960 Lefty Frizzell - 1960 Doc Watson - 1966 The Blasters - 1980 Merle Haggard - 1990 I'm just as blue as I can be Since Susie said goodbye to me My life is a failure, I see And she won't be my gal No mo', no mo', no mo', no mo' - no mo' I'll pack my things in a grip Take me a long ocean trip Out on a great big steam ship She'll never see her daddy No mo', no mo' - no mo' Still I hate to say farewell To my mammy and my sister Nell They're sure gonna cry When I tell that I ain't comin' home No mo', no mo' - no mo' I may be sorry someday That I leave here and go away But they need not ask me stay For I'll never change my mind No mo', no mo' - no mo' Now whether I'm right or wrong I'm gonna be gone before long And then I'll hush this crazy song And I never will sing No mo', no mo' - no mo'


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