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NEVER SAY NO TO A MAN (Richard Rodgers (m & l) ) Lyrics as sung by Alice Faye (original soundtrack State Fair 1962) Also recorded by: Lawrence Welk and Orchestra When I was just about your age My mother taught me lots She showed my how to clean a floor And how to scour pots. She taught me one thing more A word that men abhor... Never say no to a man Simply avoid saying yes to him That leaves the ultimate guess to him Darling, don't ever say no. Men find the negative rough Give an affirmative grin to him You needn't really give in to him Don't use the positive no. No is a mean monosyllable fit for a horse A dog or a cow or a cat A nod and a smile would cut the divorce Statistics by just about half. Maybe perhaps if I can These are some words that will do as well Darling he's sure to love you as well Never say no to a man. Yes is a lovely expression not meant for the birds But people who may become dear If I hadn't learned the usage of words My baby you wouldn't be here. Say something nice if you can Don't put a definite end to him Man is your friend, be a friend to him Never say no to a man. Notes: Alice Faye, an American from New York City, was an actress and singer, known for her notably sweet contralto. Early in her career, she was immensely popular in film until her very public falling out with Fox Studios and Darryl F. Zanuk. Richard Rodgers wrote additional music (this selection and others) for the 1962 version of State Fair, after his long time partner Oscar Hammerstein II died in 1960. The musical State Fair was adapted from a Philip Stong novel of the same name. A number of film versions were created, initially in 1933, then 1945 and 1962. Later in 1976, a made for TV movie appeared. State Fair was finally adapted for a Broadway musical in 1996. State Fair was the only Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ever written directly for film. State Fair 1945 Director: Walter Lang Leads: Jeanne Crain / Dana Andrews / Dick Haymes / Vivian Blaine State Fair 1962 Director: José Ferrer Leads: Pat Boone / Bobby Darin / Ann-Margret / Tom Ewell The original State Fair production in 1933 was directed by Henry King and starred Will Rogers and Janet Gaynor along with Lew Ayres. It was well received at the time. The 1962 musical (from which these lyrics derive) was deemed by many to be unsuccessful in almost all respects in North America. At the same time, Faye's huge fan base in England pushed this State Fair film and her immense popularity to record heights. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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