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NICE 'N' EASY (Lew Spence (m) / Alan Bergman (l) / Marilyn Bergman (l) 1960) Also sung by: Frank Sinatra 1960 Alan Bergman 2007 (at 81 years old) Natalie Cole Lou Rrawls Shirley Horn Térez Moncalm Robert Davi Michael Bublé Song production directed by Barbra Streisand on her 33rd studio album 'What Matters Most' Barbra Streisand 2011 Let's take it nice 'n' easy It's gonna be so easy For us to fall in love. Hey baby, what's your hurry Relax, don't you worry We're gonna fall in love. We're on the road to romance That's safe to say But let's make all the stops Along the way. The problem now of course is To simply hold your horses To rush would be a crime 'Cause nice 'n' easy does it every time. (bridge) Sit back and let it happen No need to race I think it's all just fallen into place. So lets start gettin' cosy The futures lookin' rosy Those bells are bound to chime 'Cause nice and easy does it every time Nice 'n' easy does it... Nice 'n' easy does it every time. (Transcribed by David Story - July 2013)


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