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NICE TO KNOW YOU CARE Lyric: Norman Newell Music: Lelsie Baguley Sung by Ken Morris in "Sky High"at the London Palladium Verse: Life has a host of things I'm grateful for, The sun, the moon, the stars and thousands more. But of all things that I recall There is something far above them all. Chorus: Nice to know you care, And to know you're not pretending Nice to find you there, When the lonely day is ending, When you smile at me the way you do, Ev'ry cloud just disappears from view, Nice to have you near, When I need a friend to guide me I shall have no fear, With someone like you beside me, Live will be a lovely dream to share, dear, Nice to know you care for me. Copyright 1947 Published by Unit Music Ltd Unit Productions 3 Soho Street London W1 (Taken from sheet music.)


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