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NIGHT-TIME IN LITTLE ITALY (Joe McCarthy / Fred Fisher, 1917) When the day has gone to sleep lights begin to shine To a latin haunt I creep a place that I called mine There's laughter and joy and the music is grand In my Bohemia Land. When the Cello sweetly hums Some sweet melody Through each little strain there comes a voice of Italy Eat, drink and be merry you'll hear each one say, Life's worth a living that way. Night time down town in little Italy, (Chillie Billie, Bee) Down 'round my old Mulberry You'll hear the mandolins play For Mariutcha, (Hutch-a-cootcha, Cootcha) When she rolls those big black eyes at me I want to be in Napoli where dark win will make you happy as can be, (Baby on your knee) You're one of the family When they sing, chillibillibi, you leave your home and mother everybody eat and drink and love each other, When its night time down in Little Italy.


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