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NOBODY KNOWS Billy Squier I may get around...I may laugh alot... Now you'd think that I'd be happy with the life I got Nobody knows...nobody sees Ain't nobody really knows the inner side o'me... I may seem secure...I could have it made... You might think you see a lucky man who made the grade Nobody knows what dreams I see Ain't nobody really sure just who they wanna be... But everybody has a place and time... A chance to live...a need to find We all got somethin' that we care about I propose you find it out... It's not in a book...or a magazine... Or the stars who guide our fortunes on the silver screen Nobody's up to me Ain't nobody who can say it like it outght to be... I see my future at the rainbow's end Happy hours...timeless friends And if I ever chance to find my way Rest assured...I will stay... You may see your life as a compromise You may live to find the promise dancin' in your eyes Nobody's meant to be... Let the magic of the moment say it all to me


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