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NOBODY LOVES A FAIRY WHEN SHE'S FORTY (written by Arthur Le Clerq - 1934) Billy Cotton Tessie O'Shea For years a fairy queen I've been For years I foiled the Demon King But alas I'm getting on the years have flown somehow And I feel that Fairy Snowdrop isn't wanted now Chorus Nobody loves a fairy when she's [forty] fifty Nobody loves a fairy when she's old She may still have a magic power but that is not enough They like their bit of magic from a younger bit of stuff When once your silver star has lost its glitter And your tinsel looks like rust instead of gold Fairy days are ending when your wand has started bending No-one loves a fairy when shes old For years I reigned in Fairy Dell I waved my wand and waved it well If I can't do all I did Im satisfied because I'd sooner be a Has-Been that I would a Never Was Nobody loves.... Nobody loves.. The face of this Immortal One to many has appealed But gone is the illusion once you've had it soled and heeled When you've lost your little fairy dimples And the moth holes in your dress let in the cold The Goblins and the Pixies turn their backs and say Hi Nixey No one loves a fairy when she's old. Nobody loves..... Nobody loves..... As far as I can see they try to push you off the map When once your wand has withered and your wings refuse to flap When you can't cast a spell without it spilling And a fairy tale for years you haven't told You stand there shouting What O.. but they all pass by your Grotto Nobody loves a fairy when shes old. Nobody loves..... Nobody loves..... They don't give you an earthly chance to make a livelihood Theyre building council houses now in my enchanted wood When you are past the age for Television And the air you use is government controlled It seems that they would sooner Listen to a blinkin' crooner Nobody loves a fairy when shes old.


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