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NOBODY'S CHASING ME Cole Porter as recorded by Dinah Shore & backing group with Henri Rene's Orchestra 1950 The breeze is chasing the zephyr, The moon is chasing the sea, The bull is chasing the heifer, But nobody's chasing me! The rooster's chasing the chicken, The peewee some wee peewee. The cat is takin' a lickin', But nobody's takin' me! Nobody wants to own me, And I object! Nobody wants to phone me, Even collect! The leopard's chasing the leopard, The chimp some champ chimpanzee, The sheep is chasing the shepherd, But nobody's chasing me, nobody, Nobody's chasing me! (The snake, with passion, is shakin', The pooch is chasin' the flea, The moose his love call is makin',) But nobody's chasing me! Each night I get the mirror From off the shelf, Each night I'm getting nearer Chasing myself! The clams are almost a-mixin', The hens are chasing TV, The fox is chasing the vixen, But nobody's vexing me, nobody, Nobody's chasing me! (Nobody's chasing me!) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2019)


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