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NO EXPENSE SPARED (Rick Wakeman / Adam Wakeman) Wakeman With Wakeman You say you won´t believe me When I tell you that I´m scared And the way you walk you walk towards me. Only shows that you once cared Now there´s no, no expense spared No expense spared (2x) No expense, no, no No, no, no Everybody knows, Everybody´s singing in the one man show of life My life, some life Some life (5x) Life (3x) Cheap, so cheap, a bargain, Buy it at the shop, at the store with a cheque or card Tell me now, what should I be doing here ? No expense is spared So any little deal will do, I give it no regard. Hanging around, that´s all I seem to do when you´re around Buy, buy, buy our product Well below the recommended price, it´s not so hard Absolutely stunning That´ll do nicely, slap it on the card today Oh I can´t see, what you want from me, No expense is spared I haven´t any money so American Express will pay. No commitment, no financial guarantee I should own the bank, then Take it all away to play the town The price is down And there´s no expense spared for me.


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