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NO FUNNY BUSINESS (Noel Gay / Carter) as recorded by Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra (vocal - Les Allen & Phyllis Robins_ November 1933 London [la] Mary was a country maid, Mary was a wee bit good, Mary never went and played with The gypsies in the wood! Mary was a shy young miss; When a fellow came her way, Mary never let him kiss her, Mary used to say - Hey! No funny business! We'll have a little walk, Have a little talk, But no funny business! We'll have a little chat, I don't mind that, You can take me out, hold my hand, That's okay, but you understand No funny business, or else We say goodbye! She went out walking with the grocer, A young man full of vim, And he said, "Please come a little closer", But she took no sauce from him! She went out riding on a pillion With a man whose name was Gough, But he wanted kisses by the million, And that's where he got off! So Mary came to live in town, Mary seemed to change somehow! Everything she used to frown on Seems quite different now! Now there isn't much she'll miss, Half a dozen men she's got! If they never try to kiss her, She says like a shot - [pr] What! No funny business? Why, you only wanna walk And you only wanna talk And no funny business? You only wanna chat? Say, I can't stand that, I'd hate to walk and I'd hate to chat! Why, nothing good ever came from that! No funny business? Oh well, I'll say goodbye! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2019)


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