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NO ONE TO CALL ME DARLING Gene Autry Gene Autry (vocal and guitar) recorded Dec 3rd 1929 When I come home in the evening, I get my lonesome pipe; No one to call me darling, No one to say goodnight. When I had plenty of money, The girls all gathered round me, But now I have no money, They've all gone back on me. I went to see my darling, She was so neat and clean, She was just as fair as a lily And looked like sweet sixteen. I asked my darling to marry, She looked at me and smiled, And said to me, "Sweetheart, Just wait a little while!". (yodel) If I had listened to mother, I wouldn't been here today, But I was young and foolish And gambled my money away. Now when I think about her, I hang my head and cry. If I could only kiss her, I would be ready to die. When I am dead and buried, My guitar by my side, The girls will gather round me And cry because I died. (yodel) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2013)


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