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NOREEN BAWN (Traditional Irish) Daniel O'Donnell - 1987 Also recorded by: Dick Delaney; Glen Curtin. There's a spot in old Tirconnell With a wee house in the glen Where dwelt an Irish colleen Who'd woo the hearts of men She was winsome, fair and hearty Shined graceful as a fawn It was love that widow's daughter Happy laughing Noreen Bawn One day there came a letter With a passage paid to go To lands where the Missouri And the Mississippi flow So she bade farewell to Erin And next morning at the dawn Said a brokenhearted mother Bid farewell to Noreen Bawn Many years that mother waited Till a morning at the door Sat a gorgeous looking lady All grand the clothes she wore Said, Mother don't you worry Said, I've only got a cold But the purple spots upon her cheek The tragic story told There's a graveyard in Tirconnell Where the blossoms sadly sway Her brokenhearted mother Living oer a lonely grave Saying, Noreen you were calling Many years since you have gone Was the curse of emigration Laid you low my Noreen Bawn


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