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NO STRINGS Irving Berlin 1934 Fred Astaire w Leo Reisman & his Orch rec June 26th 1935 New York also- The Dorsey Bros Orch '34 Ella Fitzgerald w Paul Weston & his Orch '58 Chris Connor '62 The Swingles Singers I wake up every morning With a smile on my face, Everything in its place as it should be; I start iut every morning Just free as the breeze, My cares upon the shelf, Because I find myself; With no strings and no connections, No tie to my affections, I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy! No dates that can't be broken, No words that can't be spoken, Especially when I'm feeling romamcy! Like a robin upon a tree, Like a sailor that goes to sea, Like an unwritten melody, I'm free, that's me! So bring on the big attraction, My decks are cleared for action, I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2009)


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