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NOT FOR ALL THE RICE IN CHINA (Irving Berlin) Billy Cotton V. Alan Breeze Also recorded by: Irving Berlin, Casa Loma Orchestra, Ramona Davies, Joan Morris, Lee Reisman, Clifton Webb, Wesla Whitfield. Not for all the rice in China, Not for all the grapes in France, Would I exchange the pleasure That I get from every measure When we dance Not for all the kilts in Scotland, Not for all the bulls in Spain, Would I give up arriving At your house although you’re Driving me insane. Not for all the onions in Bermuda Or the cheeses that are made by the Swiss Would I exchange that first kiss That you gave me. Not for all the beans in Boston, Not for all the knobs on doors, Would I agree to part with All the joy you filled my heart with When you said, “I’m yours”. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - July 2007)


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