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NOT THAT I CARE (Cindy Walker) The Wilburn Brothers - 1964 Hank Cochran - 1965 Ronnie Milsap - 1974 Ricky Van Shelton - 1989 So you saw her last night with her new love Yes, they tell me they make quite a pair And did they both look happy together I just wonder, not that I care Tell me was she as lovely as ever Like an angel with golden hair Does she still close her eyes when she dances I just wonder, not that I care Once I thought I couldn't live without her Oh, it's funny how wrong I could be 'Cause now I hardly ever think about her What she does doesn't mean a thing to me You know it don't Well it's late, so I guess I'll be going Too much smoke, what I need is some air By the way did she ask you about me I just wonder, not that I care (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2011)


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