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NO VIOLINS Queen We were talkin' 'bout the old times We went walking, down the streets we used to run. Remember when you were angry About every cause to be had We weren't all bad -- I'm not talkin' 'bout security complex I ain't talkin' 'bout some monochrome duplex I ain't talkin' bout some new kinda weird sex I'm just talkin' 'bout -- you and me The way we used to be -- hey I'm just talkin' 'bout you and me brother I'm just talkin' 'bout -- another time and place We were hungry. We were mad We were angry. We were glad We were really Jack the lad We weren't all bad We went down. We cruised around We went down, down, down in the violence We went around. We went around and round and round We didn't hear no violins Where's the madness. Where's the fire With the flames gettin' higher Where's the saints. And the liars


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