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NOW (Roger Nichols / Dean Pitchford (m & l) ) As released by the Carpenters on < Voice Of The Heart > 1983 Now, Now when it rains, I don't feel cold. Now that I have your hand to hold, The winds might blow through me but I don't care. There's no harm in thunder if you are there. And now, Now when we touch, my feelings fly. Now when I'm smiling I know why. You light up my world like the morning sun. You're so deep within me, we're almost one. And now, all the fears that I had start to fade. I was always afraid love might forget me Love might let me down. Then look who I found. [sax bridge] [chorus] The winds might blow through me but I don't care. There's no harm in thunder if you are there. And now, now, Now when I wake, there's someone home. I'll never face the nights alone. You gave me the courage I need to win to open my heart and to let you in. And I never really knew how, until now, until now. No, I never really knew how, until now. NOTES: The Carpenters were a talented brother/sister singer/songwriting duo hailing from Los Angeles CA USA. As of 2013, they had sold more than 100 million units (source BBC). Their distinctive soft rock sound provided contrast to the loud and raucous sounds of the day. As well as singing, Karen was accomplished at drums and brother Richard at piano. Sadly, the duo's career ended prematurely with the death of Karen Carpenter in 1983. She was 32 years old. < Made In America > was the final album released before Karen’s passing. The Grammy Hall Of Fame recognized the Carpenters as providing music of 'lasting qualitative or history significance' (older than 25 years) by honouring them with their prestigious award. To all Carpenters aficionados, this particular song resonates as a poignant and emotionally charged reminder of Karen Carpenter. It was Karen's last recording prior to her death in 1983 (done April 1982). It was one of two songs in her final recording session, the other being < You're Enough > (see elsewhere in this ILP database) The album on which it appears < Voice Of The Heart >, was released after her death, compiled by her brother Richard and contained previously unreleased tracks. < Now > was also released as the 'A' side of a single 45 rpm vinyl disc. The 'B' side was < Ordinary Fool > . (see elsewhere in this ILP database). (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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