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1882 Paul McCartney - unreleased - 1972 Good morning, young master, it's 1882 Your mother is hungry, what will you do? There is bread in the kitchen of the big house upstairs But I warn you, don't take it from them Na na na na, du du, du du, na na du You'll be tarred, you'll be feathered, you'll be hung like a ham And I warn you, don't do it, young man Your mother is calling, she wants you by the bed So get up, young master, go shake your sleepy head "Darling son, I am dying, and I leave it to you I'm leaving, tell me, what did I do?" Du du du, du du du, du du du, du du du I'm dying, tell me, what did I do?" Boy, he steals the bread, now that's enough, and heads for the door Man, he hears him coming, "Boy, you won't be running no more" Boy, he gets arrested and the case is tested that day Judge, he guilty makes him and the jailer takes him away Du du du du, du du du du du, du du du du Du du du du, du du du, du du du du du du Good night to the outlaw, but you want to be free Good morning, oh, it's late, too late again


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