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'59 CHEVROLET (Chevrolet advert from the Dinah Shore TV Show) Dinah Shore & Pat Boone - 1958 BOTH: Hey, have you heard about The crazy new way to send a message today PAT: It's flashed on a screen, too quick to see DINAH: But still you get it, subliminally BOTH: Put on your specs, pull up your chair And see if you can see what's comin' through the air (SPOKEN): DINAH: Ladies and Gentlemen, the '59 Chevy PAT: See it? DINAH: Isn't it beautiful? PAT: Some car, huh folks? PAT: That was the '59 Chevy just then DINAH: All new, all over again PAT: In case you missed it goin' by DINAH: We're gonna give you all another try (SPOKEN) DINAH: See it? DINAH: Now that you've seen the new Chevrolet PAT: In a somewhat subliminal way DINAH: We hope that you'll place your order right now BOTH: For the '59 Chevy, here's how SPOKEN) DINAH: Just go see your Chevrolet dealer, right now PAT: The '59 Chevy's due out Thursday October Sixteen But you can get the details and place your order in advance DINAH: So come right in PAT: And ride away BOTH: To your Chevrolet dealer, for Chevrolet...See it? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2006)


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