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7 ROOMS OF GLOOM (Holland / Dozier / Holland) The Four Tops I see a house, a house of stone (Seven rooms) A lonely house 'cause now you've gone (Filled with gloom) Seven rooms, that's all it is, seven rooms of gloom (Just seven rooms of gloom) I live with emptiness (Filled with emptiness) Without your tenderness You took the dream I had for us Turned my dreams into dust I watch the phone never rings I watch the door that never rings Bring you back into my life Turn this darkness into light I'm all alone in this house Turn this house into a home I need your touch to comfort me The tender, tender arms that once held me Without your love, your love inside This house is just a place to run and hide Seven rooms, that's all it is - seven rooms of gloom Rooms of emptiness Without your tenderness Don't make me live from day to day Watching the clock that ticks away Another day, another way Another reason for me to stay I need you here, here with me I need your loving desperately I'm all alone, all alone In this house that's not a home I miss your love I once had known I miss your kiss that was my very, very own Empty silence surrounding me Lonely walls they stare at me Seven rooms, that's all it is - rooms of gloom I live with emptiness Without your tenderness All the windows are painted black And wait right here until you come back I'll keep waiting, waiting Until your face again I see [fade]


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