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OBEY YOUR AIR RAID WARDEN (Les Burness / John Burrows) Tony Pastor & His Orch. - 1942 One, be calm Two, get under shelter Three, don’t run Obey your air raid warden Four, stay home Five, keep off the highway Six, don’t phone Obey your air raid warden There are rules that you should know What to do and where to go When you hear the sirens blow Stop, look, and listen Seven, don’t smoke Eight, help all the kiddies Most of all Obey your air-raid warden (Orchestral Break) Stop, look, and listen Dim the lights Wait for information Most of all Obey your air raid warden Stop the panic Don’t get in a huff Our aim today is to call their bluff Follow these rules and that is enough OBEY! your air raid warden (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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