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OCCASIONAL MAN, AN Ralph Blane (m) Hugh Martin (l) Anita O'Day rec Feb 27th 1962 Hollywood also- Abbey Lincoln '58 Marian Ryan '60 '62 Jeri Southern '64 Julie London I've got an island in the Pacific, And everything about it is terrific; I've got the sun to tan me, Palms to fan me, And - an occasional man! I've got an island, it's very lazy, If I should ever leave it I'd be crazy! I've got papayas, peaches, Sandy beaches, And - an occasional man! When I go swimmin', I am always dressed in style, 'Cause I go swimmin' Wearin' just a great big smile! My little island was made for pleasure, And in the cool of evening it's a treasure; And when the hour grows later, What is greater Than - an occasional man! If you're on shore leave And your face is kinda cute, Perhaps, by your leave, I can be you passion fruit! My little island is such a beauty. You may gorget to heed the call of duty; But if you give the slip To your ship, Miss your trip, Take a tip And blame - An occasional dame! [ends] (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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