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OGO POGO, THE Ralph Butler / Cumberland Clark / Mark Strong as rec by Billy Murray w Paul Whiteman & his Orch July 2nd 1925 Camden New Jersey One fine day in Hindustan I met a funny little man, With googly eyes and mandarin jaws, An old felt hat and hairy paws. When I said to that quaint old chap, "Why do you carry that big steel trap, A butterfly net and rusty gun?", He replied, "Listen here, my son!", "I'm looking for the Ogo Pogo, The funny little Ogo Pogo; His mother was a polly while his father was a whale, I'm going to put a little bit of salt on his tail!". "I want to find the Ogo Pogo While he's playing his old banjo. I just want to take him Back home where I'll take him, And then I will make him The sensation in a Broadway show!". (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2010)


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