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OH GOD, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU [Dio Come Te Amo] as rec by Shirley Bassey Remember, why must I remember? Why can't I simply close my eyes, go to sleep, and make him disappear? Why must I always hear; "Dio come te amo!", those were the words he said, "Oh God, how much I love you!", it still runs through my head! The wind began to blow and all the leaves were flying, He stood there in the night and tried to keep from crying! What could I have told him, what could I say or do? When love has lost its meaning, it's over, it's through! And so I hurry on, for someone new was waiting To hold me in his arms in endless celebrating! But that was long ago, and many loves have I, But only one was real, and that I let slip by! "Dio come te amo!", I can still hear him say, Oh God, how much I love you, yet I walked away! I know it's much too late, but I'll go right on praying to have you back again, so you can hear me saying; "Dio come te amo, oh God, how much I love you!". I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you... (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2009)


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