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OH JOE, WITH YOUR FIDDLE AND BOW YOU STOLE MY HEART AWAY (William Tracey / Walter Donaldson, 1916) Malinda White most every night Took in a ragtime cabaret, She had a beau, his name was Joe, And he was hired there to play a ragtime violin To his raggy swing they'd sing The latest songs, the whole night long And to the jingle of the dimes Upon the floor he'd play some more, He'd rag the chorus fifty times, Malinda White would stay till the break of day she's say. When she was blue Malinda knew Just how to drive the blues away She'd think of Joe and quickly go Where she could hear her sweetie play a ragtime melody Then contented she would be His music sweet was sure a treat And to each syncopated note The people there upon the chairs Just kept a rockin' like a boat, Each time she caught his eye, Lindy White would sigh then cry. Go on and rag a little upon your fiddle I love your harmony The tunes you play every night No Master ever could write, Oh! there ain't much to it, but the way you do it, I just can't help but say Oh, Joe with your fiddle and bow, You went and stole my heart away


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