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OH LOVE HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME? (William Bowers) as recorded by Peggy Lee with orchestra conducted by Quincy Jones June 23rd 1961 New York My future is brilliant, I'm known as a brain, To the top my efforts have taken me. I have never known fear, Was the girl of the year, But love, hast thou forsaken me? I'm a stranger to failure and financial strain, For a star a fan has mistaken me. I've come down, there's a hunch From the mayflower bunch, But love, hast thou forsaken me? Oh love, why dost thou linger? Am I difficult to find? If thou can't see my lonely heart, Then love, thou must be blind! I merely exist on my cultural plain And my failure in romance has shaken me. I've announced every spring That my heart's in the ring, Is there no thrilling kiss to awaken me? Oh love, hast thou forsaken me? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2017)


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