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OH, ME! OH, MY! OH, YOU! From the film "Strictly Dynamite" (1934) (Music: Burton Lane / Lyrics: Harold Adamson) Lupe Velez (Film Soundtrack) - 1934 I have a feeling deep in my heart That you were meant for me I've had this feeling right from the start Mmm-mmm, I guess it just had to be Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, you! Oh, look what love can do All the time my heart is beating I know it keeps repeating Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, you! Oh, me! Oh, gosh! Oh, gee! You've got me up a tree It's a wonder you don't know it In ev'ry way I show it Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, you! Your eyes so sweet and tender Speak to me of real romance I know that I'd surrender If I only had the chance My lips, my arms are yours As long as life endures I'd be yours if you would let me And if you come and get me Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, you! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2012)


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