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OH ! MISTER RAILROAD MAN WON'T YOU TAKE ME BACK TO ALABAM' ? (Stanley Murphy / Henry I. Marshall, 1914) This afternoon at four a knockin' at my door, Came the letter carrierman With a letter in his hand, That came from Birgmingham, way down in Alabam' And it was full of love and kisses From the gal who's goin' to be my Missus; Oh, oh, oh! That's why I want to go where the Southern breezes blow. Oh, Mister, look a here! oh, Mister, look a here! Can't you see just how it reads! Says I've got the love she needs! Just notice how she pleads, just see her pleadin' Cause she says she's tired of livin' lonely And she's longing just to have me only; Oh, oh, oh! That's why I've come to you in your uniform of blue. Oh Mister Railroad man! Won't you take me back to Alabam; 'Way down to Birmingham, Alabam', To the sweetest gal what am! And when the snow is falling in the Northern clime I'll be pickin' cotton in the bright sunshine. Oh Lordy! good, kind, Mister Railroad Man! Take me back to Alabam!


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