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OH, MY GOODNESS >From the film "Poor Little Rich Girl" (1936) (Lyrics: Mack Gordon / Music: Harry Revel) Shirley Temple (Film Soundtrack) - 1936 Oh me, oh my I'm so sad that I could cry With a very good reason why I've no one to be gay with That's why I wear a frown No children I can play with London Bridge is falling down My fair lady I wanna make mud pies In fact I'd like to be a mess I wanna make mud pies I know that I'd find happiness If I got jam on my fingers Chocolate on my face And molasses all over my dress You're the only friends I've ever had But one minute you're good And the very next minute you're bad At times I ought to hate you You make me feel so blue But honest I can't hate you When you smile at me the way you do Oh, my goodness! Sometimes I want to leave you You tell such awful lies But I could never leave you When I look into those great big eyes Oh, my goodness! I love you, do you love me Honey, if you don't, why don'tcha Honey, if you won't, why won'tcha Am I gonna have trouble with you? I really ought to scold you You'll have me old and grey But when it's time to scold you I hold you in my arms and say Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my goodness! Zometimes I ought to hashe you You make me veel zo blue But onest I can't hashe you When you zmile at me, my lovely poupchen Ach, mein gootness! You are my ev'ry ting-a-vitch You're like a day in spring-a-vitch And you make my heart sing-a-vitch Looky-looky-looky, here comes Trotsky Oh, chah chornya I lovee you, do you lovee me Maya-kaya-kow-kow see see Eenie-meenie mo-guss meenzie Am I gonna have ta-louble with you? Honey child, I really ought to scold you You'll have your mammy old and grey Pickaninny, when it's time ta scold ya I just hold ya in my lovin' arms and say Oh, my, hidee-hidee-hidee-hi Oh, my goodness! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2017)


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