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OH, PEOPLE (Goldmark / Roberts) Patti Labelle If we are one big happy family, no one would have to beg to eat. If we live in a world of dignity, no man would have to live on the street. If I tell you you're a part of me, there's no need for disbelief. Here is my hand, to let you know that what we dream we all can hold. Apart we are weak....together we're strong. Chorus: Oh, people....we are writing this song. We're all living these words together forever. There's no reason we can't live and be one... Build the world that we want together. For as long as you stand here by me..... we'll live on. Think of all the possibilities that the eyes of a child can see. Think of all the opportunities that float right by you and me. Take my hand, and we will know all that we dream...we, our own. Apart we are weak... together we're strong. Chorus


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