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OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY (HEY PIERRE) (Ron Dante) Abrahamm & Strauss Hey Pierre Look at you Sitting there Like you do Watching clouds All day long Singing such a silly song (Chorus) La la, la la, la la, la la Hear the daisies growin' in the meadow See the catfish playin' in the grass Dogs and cats are married to each other Smell the fresh air feel the poison gas Oh what a beautiful day today is Oh what a beautiful day Oh what a beautiful day Hey Monique Where's Pierre? I have looked Everywhere Please don't laugh Something's wrong Can you sing that silly song (repeat chorus) Hey Maurice Where's Monique? She and Pierre Disappeared last week They've been gone Much too long Guess I'll have to sing that song (repeat chorus amongst a barrage of sound effects) Oh what a beautiful day today is Oh what a beautiful day... (repeat and fade)


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