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OLD BLACK CAT Ian Anderson My old black cat passed away this morning He never knew what a hard day was. Woke up late and danced on tin roofs. If questioned "Why?" answered, "Just because." He never spoke much, preferring silence: Eight lost lives was all he had. Occasionally sneaked some Sunday dinner. He wasn't good and he wasn't bad. My old black cat wasn't much of a looker. You could pass him by ? just a quiet shadow. Got pushed around by all the other little guys. Didn't seem to mind much ? just the way life goes. Padded about in furry slippers. Didn't make any special friends. He played it cool with wide-eyed innocence, Receiving gladly what the good Lord sends. Forgot to give his Christmas present. Black cat collar, nice and new. Thought he'd make it through to New Year. I guess this song will have to do. My old black cat... Old black cat... (Contributed by =Ae= - November 2008)


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