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OLD LETTER SONG (Myra Smith / Margaret Lewis) Linda Martell - 1970 I heard a corny old letter song on the radio a while back I hadn't heard one in so long I wanted to laugh You know the kind of song I mean When they take a word like 'mother' And say "M" is for the many things she did And I thought to myself, "Oh, brother!" Well, this one was about home And I listened while the sad boys sang this song "H" is for humble For that's the kind of home Where you learned to love one another And lovin' makes you strong "O" is for one and only For that's the only one ever known Where you have one father and one mother To kiss away your tears when day is done "M" is for the memories That'll make your whole face keep alive No matter how many wise guys try to line you up For it's real out of sight And "E" is for everything For really that's what home is No matter if you're the father The mother or the kid I was holding back the teardrops when the record stopped And the last laugh was on me For you see it had turned back the clock And Mama was rocking me to sleep again While Daddy, Daddy hummed along And it sounded very much like this old letter song (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2019)


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