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OLD PAL (Why Don't You Answer Me) (Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / M.K. Jerome, 1920) Old pal old gal, You left me all alone; Old pal old gal, I'm just a rolling stone. Shadows that come stealing, Thru the weary night; Always find me kneeling, In the candle light. Old pal, old gal, The nights are long and drear; Old pal old gal, Each day seems like a year. No one left to meet me, After all I've toiled; No one here to greet me, It's an empty world. The long night through I pray to you, Old pal why don't you answer me? My arms embrace an empty space, The arms that held you tenderly. If you can hear my pray'r away up there; Old pal why don't you answer me?


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