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OLD SAD EYES (Sammy Fain / Irving Kahal) Kate Smith - 1942 Also recorded by: Sammy Fain This is a story of man's best friend Of a dog whose loyalty knows no end Old Sad Eyes, just a hound of three Doesn't seem to understand about democracy Mopin' 'round the kitchen all day long and askin' me What's become of John? Old Sad Eyes, waitin' by the door Doesn't seem to understand our country is at war Snoopin' 'round the old garage and up at Perkins' store Wond'rin' where his buddy's gone He's pokin' 'round this, and he's pokin' 'round that Your old catcher's mitt and your baseball bat Your old fishin' rod and your old tattered hat Showin' less ambition than the neighbour's lazy cat Old Sad Eyes, he ain't much company Monday when your letter came, you would have laughed to see A pair of sentimental fools as lonesome as could be Old Sad Eyes and me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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