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OLE ZIP COON G.W. Dixon - ca. 1835 Fiddlin' Doc Roberts (3x) O ole Zip Coon he is a larned skoler, Sings posum up a gum tree an conny in a holler. (3x) Posum up a gum tree, coonny on a stump, Den over dubble trubble, Zip coon will jump. Chorus: O Zip a duden duden duden zip a duden day. O Zip a duden duden duden duden duden day. O Zip a duden duden duden zip a duden day. Zip a duden duden duden zip a duden day. O ist old Suky blue skin, she is in lub wid me I went the udder arter noon to take a dish ob tea; What do you tink now, Suky hab for supper, Why chicken foot an posum heel, widout any butter. Chorus: Did you eber see the wild goose, sailing on de ocean, O de wild goose motion is a berry pretty notion; Ebry time de wild goose, beckens to de swaller, You hear him google google google google gollar. Chorus: I went down to Sandy Hollar t other arternoon And the first man I chanced to meet war ole Zip Coon; Ole Zip Coon he is a natty scholar, For he plays upon de Banjo “Cooney in de hollar”. Chorus: My old Missus she’s mad wid me, Kase I would’nt go wid her into Tennessee Massa build him barn and put in de fodder Twas dis ting and dat ting one ting or odder. Chorus: I pose you heard ob de battle New Orleans, Whar ole Gineral Jackson gib de British beans; Dare de Yankee boys do de job so slick, creek. For dey cotch old Packenham an rowed him up de first. Chorus: I hab many tings to tork about, but dont know wich come So here de toast to old Zip Coon before he gin to rust; May he hab de pretty girls, like de King ob ole, To sing dis song so many times, ’fore he turn to mole. Chorus:


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