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OL' PAPPY Jerry Levinson / Al Neiburg / Marty Symes 1934 as recorded by benny Goodman & his Orchestra (vocal - Mildred Bailey) February 2nd 1934 New York also recorded by - Adrian Rollini & his Orchestra (vocal - Herb Weil) '34 Billy Cotton & his Band (vocal - Alan Breeze) '34 Jack Teagarden & his Orchestra '34 Ol' pappy, ol' pappy, I'm gonna make you happy! Ol' pappy, I'm comin', Way down there where the cotton corn and taters grow. Start plantin', start hoein', I'll keep your cotton growin'! Ol' pappy, I'm goin', Right back there where I left you long ago. I can see you in the evenin', Free from every care, With your old clay pipe a-smokin'; While you're talkin' you'll be rockin' in your easy chair. Ol' pappy, ol' pappy, We're gonna be so happy! I need ya, I loves ya, And I'll never leave my pappy anymore! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2013)


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