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ONE CHANCE AT A TIME (Music by Kenny Loggins, Glen Ballard / Lyrics by Kenny Loggins) Hello there You tell me You got a lot of real respect For my kind The Old Timers I'm old enough to know the rules. But nobody gave me the book I had to learn to improvise myself 'N time 'n time I let me down Until I learned the hard way How to feel What's real Chorus: But you get one chance at a life To give it all and get it right 'N after all this time in mine Everything I thought I knew Was tellin' me To give it up And leave it all behind But you get endless second chances To take it One Chance at a Time For love 'n money I made a lot-a dumb mistakes In my time Believe me I proved and proved it I can't believe I'm gonna prove it again It's time to reinvent myself But where the hell does the fire come from When makin' it don't make it anymore? Chorus Time and Love I been lookin' all my life For time and love Hoping a breeze will come 'n take me I been waiting And waiting And sailing in one place Like a bird against the wind Afraid to turn and fly away


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