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ONE FINE DAY Butterfly's aria from Act 2 of "Madame Butterfly" Music by Giacomo Puccini / Libretto by Luigi Illica & Giuseppe Giacosa As recorded by Deanna Durbin for the film "First Love" (1939) Weeping? And why? And why? Ah, 'tis faith you are lacking Hear me One fine day we'll notice A thread of smoke arising on the sea In the far horizon And then the ship appearing Then the trim white vessel Glides into the harbour Thunders forth her cannon See you? Now he is coming I do not go to meet him Not I I stay upon the brow of the hillock And wait there And wait for a long time But never weary of the long waiting From out the crowded city There is coming a man A little speck in the distance Climbing the hillock Can you guess who it is? And when he's reached the summit Can you guess what he'll say? He will call, "Butterfly" from the distance I, without answering Hold myself quietly concealed A bit to tease him and a bit So as not to die at our first meeting And then, a little troubled He will call, he will call "Dear baby wife of mine, Dear little orange blossom" The names he used to call me when he came here This will all come to pass as I tell you Banish your idle fears For he will return Return (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2003)


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