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ONE HOUR WITH YOU > From the film "One Hour With You" (1932) (Richard A. Whiting / Leo Robin) Donald Novis, Jeanette MacDonald, Genevieve Tobin, Maurice Chevalier& Charlie Ruggles (Film Soundtrack) - 1932 Jimmy Grier& The Cocoanut Grove Orch. (vocal: Donald Norvis) - 1932 Eddie Duchin& His Orch. (vocal: Dick Robertson) - 1932 Ambrose& His Mayfair Hotel Orch. (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1932 New Mayfair Dance Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1932 Durium Dance Band (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1932 Jeanette MacDonald - 1932 Morton Downey - 1932 Also recorded by: Gladys Moncrieff; Eddie Cantor; Margaret Whiting; Ian Whitcomb. DONALD NORVIS: It's sweet when the band is playing to hold you in my arms But I haven't time for saying what I think of your charms It's wonderful to be swaying to music of the dance But I'd rather be obeying the music of romance How I would love one hour with you One hour of just being with you Then I could say what I'm feeling And concealing in my heart Tonight when all our dancing is through And moonbeams fall on roses and dew Perhaps you may even say that you love me too And let me stay one hour with you TOBIN: How I would love one hour with you CHEVALIER: I'm thinking of the same thing as you TOBIN: Then why delay? CHEVALIER: Just one reason TOBIN: What's the reason? CHEVALIER: It's my Wife! RUGGLES: How I'd enjoy one hour with you MacDONALD: You silly boy, just what would you do? RUGGLES: Leave that to me MacDONALD: Now I see what Champagne will do RUGGLES: No, no, honestly, I'm tipsy for you MacDONALD: How I would love one hour with you CHEVALIER: I'm tired of this hullabaloo MacDONALD: You used to say you like dancing CHEVALIER: I love dancing, but with you It's not so much the steps that you do You're very touch can make me say 'Oooohh!' MacDONALD: We'll have a chance for romance when the party's through CHEVALIER: It's all a bore unless I'm with you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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