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ONE MILE APART (Lisa Aschmann / Michael Johnson / Karen Taylor-Good) Michael Johnson - 2000 My name is Mary Francis and I live in El Paso In a large house on Mt. Franklin, I have quite a view I can see the desert, pecan trees in the valley Those little shacks in Juarez, yes I can see them too My name is Juan Contreras and from my home in Juarez I can see El Paso and the houses of the rich I leave my children sleeping to earn a few pesetas Selling red pistachios to the tourists on the bridge CHORUS: Which side of the river, did someone flip a coin It's sad enough to break a river's heart How can there be so much distance between us When our houses are one mile apart My house is Spanish stucco, it has a blue Jacuzzi Four bedrooms and a fireplace, a swimming pool with heat My house is brown adobe, I don't have running water I don't have indoor plumbing, or pavement on my street CHORUS


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