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ONE NIGHT ALONE WITH YOU (Andrew Jeffrey, Greenhalgh) (Greenhalgh was possibly Jack Hylton whose middle name was Greenhalgh) As recorded by: Jay Wilbur & His Orchestra V. Les Allen Recorded 3rd September 1930 Also recorded by: Jack Hylton, V. Pat O’Malley, Harry Hudson’s Melody Men, V. John Thorne Ray Starita Band, V. Jack Plant Harry Bid good (as Al Benny’s Broadway Boys), V. Possibly Sam Browne When from the start I first saw you With all the love my heart bore you I simply prayed for one night alone with you The touch of your sweet lips burning Just filled me with a mad yearning One night just made for only we two I won’t lie for why should I When it’s plain enough to see You know that I’m wanting you As much as you’re wanting me A happy face, the dawn breaking A fond embrace, then me taking All that I prayed for one night alone with you (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - December 2013)


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