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ONE WONDERFUL NIGHT (Words by E. Clinton Keithley, Joe Lyons / Music by Clarence M. Jones, 1914) From afar in the sky stars were gleaming the moon softly shone from above, happy was I in my dreaming, happy in dreams of love; in your eyes then the lovelight was beaming, yearning was my heart for thee, clasped in your arms "One Wonderful Night" You told me you loved me. Seems I hear in the twilight your calling, I watch, dear, and wait there for you, softly like dew that is falling, comes back a love we knew; then I know by the throb of my heart, dear, just why I'm longing for thee, I can't forget "One Wonderful night" You told me you loved me. Love me, love me again, won't you love me again? My heart's yearning, I'm lonely, I love, love you only; dreaming, dreaming of you, always dreaming of you, take me back once again, dear, to "One wonderful night."


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